We carefully select our spirits from around the globe,  from our love of Cornish Gin to our vast range of Caribbean Rums. 

Our specialised cocktail spirits are perfect for the greatest of mixologists, we hold a range of the finest whiskeys from blended to 30 year plus malts. 

 Edmond Briottet

A former wine establishment, the firm was set up in 1836. Given the growing popularity of the "white wine-cassis" aperitif, Edmond Briottet little by little stopped operating as a wine trader and instead switched over gradually to producing Crème de Cassis.

Since then, each suiccessive generation of the Briottet family has worked at the firm and the range of liquors has now more than 60 flavors.

We stock over 30 flavours, please contact us to discuss all your cocktail requirements. 

Holly's Gin

Made here in Cornwall this is a truly magnificent Gin. It took Holly 2 years to perfect the recipe made in traditional copper pot stills.

A fresh and vibrant gin with 9 botanicals, including Passion Flower, Gentian Root and Orange.

The Wrecking Coast 

Soft on the palette and velvety rich in the mouth, this handcrafted, small-batch clotted cream gin delivers a distinctly Cornish flavour.

Using the unique approach of building the gin around the clotted cream ensures the delivery of its velvety richness balanced with the traditional notes of juniper you expect in gin.

1831 Spanish Gin

100% grain spirit distilled 5 times in a 130-year-old copper still, using juniper, clove, thyme, cinnamon, chamomile and four secret botanicals resulting in dominant juniper and a long, herbal finish.

The colour is all natural! 

Classic Blue and Strawberry infused Pink Gin.

Caspyn Cornish Dry and Midsummer Dry

Caspyn Cornish Dry, with loads of floral and citrus notes, with a freshness, length and long sherbety finish.

Midsummer Dry a refreshing take on the Cornish Dry, designed to amplify those hot, long summer days spent in the sun with family and friends. Infused it with fresh English cucumbers, the gin has a slight green hint to it from the natural ingredients being used.

Matusalem Rum Family 

In 1872, the founders, Benjamin and Eduardo Camp and their partner Evaristo Alvarez believed that the key to making the rum with the finest flavor was under a process of patient aging. 

We stock a range of Matusalem rums from white Platino up to Gran Reserve 23 year Solera aged. 

Plantation Rum Classics and Signature

Conceived with the input of barmen and barwomen across the world, the Bar Classics range is composed of four rums ideal for cocktails, from a simple Daiquiri to the most sophisticated Zombies.

The signature blends offer all the local knowledge from the Cognac region. It is rum created from many parameters and remains the secret of Maison Ferrand...