We specialise in wine, sourcing the very best products from the best vineyards across the globe and ship them to Cornwall. 

This is a selection of wine we stock, to obtain the full trade list please email us. 


*Exclusive to North Coast Wine Co*

This 2018 vintage is fruit-forward, with white peach, green citrus and tangy clementine.

A bone dry rose that delivers a well rounded roll on the palate to be equally enjoyed with poultry, fish and meat.

A summer classic. 


Inspired by Spain’s largely untapped fine wine resources, friends, colleagues and Masters of Wine, Fergal Tynan and Giles Cooke set off on a journey to find the unsung heroes of Spain, be they regions, growers or winemakers. 

Mago y Granjero represents their discoveries – each wine is the result of a long journey, each wine is hand made.

We stock both Tempranillo and Airen-Moscatel.

Bodegas Navajas Rioja

Bodegas Navajas is a family run winery situated in the village of Navarrete, in the heart of the Rioja region. The bodega was founded in 1918 but it wasn’t until 1983 when the Navajas family finally took complete control of the winery which has seen a dramatic improvement in quality ever since.

We stock both their red and white Rioja.

Nugan Estate Alfredo Dried Grape Shiraz

A rich, intense, full bodied red wine made from raisined Shiraz grapes. Black cherry, black plum and earthy savoury notes combine with an extremely satisfying long finish.

Easy drinking and pairs nicely with any red meat dish or mature cheese.

Castleforte Amarone 

Castelforte Amarone is made from dried Corvina and Rondinella grapes. 

A long, slow fermentation and minimum 18 month aging in large oak give this dry, full-bodied red wine a deep garnet red color, a complex bouquet of cinnamon, cherry jam and walnut and a palate of ripe, black cherry fruit with notes of vanilla and coffee on the finish. It pairs perfectly with rich pasta dishes, game and grilled or stewed red meats, as well as mature cheeses.

Louis Roederer Champagne 

One of the last great independent and family-run Champagne houses. 

The Louis Roederer estate cultivates the 3 traditional grape varieties: Chardonnay is appreciated for its minerality, finesse, and elegance; Pinot Noir’s solid constitution adds structure to the blends and prepares them for ageing; Pinot Meuniers adaptability brings harmony and softness to certain cuvées.

Domaine des Charmilles Sancerre

Charmilles is a 10 hectare, family-run estate based near Chavignol, just to the west of the town of Sancerre. 

The vineyard is primarily planted on a chalky clay soil but there is also a high proportion of flint, producing a more mineral, tauter wine. The white has delicate floral and nettle aromas, while the palate is fresh with hints of quince and citrus.

Despacito Malbec

Despacito is from vineyards at the foot of the Andes Mountains, cooler temperatures at these higher altitudes provide the ideal conditions for a slower maturation and a perfect ripeness.  

The best things in life should be enjoyed SLOWLY…ensure you remember the elegance, fruit and flavour of the wine and savour the moment.

Vida Organica Torrontes 

Torrontes is a uniquely aromatic, exotic variety and this organic version is no exception. Silver yellow with brilliant green reflections. 

Lovely texture and weight with a juicy fruit character of rose, grapefruit, peaches and pear coming through on the palate. Floral and clean, this wine really delivers.

Nostros Reserva Sauvignon Blanc 

Sourced from Chile’s premium Sauvignon Blanc region, Casablanca, this is a pure, exuberantly fruity Sauvignon packed full of grassy, tropical fruit. 

Instantly refreshing and moreish with a lovely tangy finish.

VAN ZIJL Coffee Pinotage

Van Zijl Family Vintners Coffee Pinotage Special Reserve is an elegant wine with distinct tones of roasted coffee beans and rich, dark coco. Good structure with an elegant finish.

Once the fermentation process is finished, half of the wine is placed in a combination of French and American Oak barrels to mature.

The wine is then splashed for the 1st month in order for it to come in contact with oxygen to create the unique coffee flavour, absorbed from the oak barrels!

Calazul Albarino

This Albarino is from the Val do Salnes region and has classically intense aromas of pear, apple and peach. 

On the palate these flavours are complemented by stone fruit characters and an enticingly refreshing finish.

Biscardo Prosecco

The Biscardo Family have been making wine from their base in Soave for over 150 years and the operations are currently led by brothers Maurizio and Martino Biscardo. 

It is an intense and aromatic wine, with hints of apple and peach blossom with a velvety finish. Excellent as aperitif, perfect with appetizers but also an ideal accompaniment to the entire meal, particularly with fish courses.